Healthcare Information Management

As digital approach continues to revolutionize healthcare delivery, technology is enabling new insights. Healthcare and life science organizations need to ingest the unprecedented amounts of health data being generated, contextualize the data, and build and participate in information ecosystems. The goal is to derive insights from the data to deliver better patient care, better outcomes and lower costs.

Shelves Tech offers a wide range Hospital, Pharmacy, clinician and Laboratory solutions for healthcare organizations around the globe. Our portfolio of healthcare-related services is focused on areas such as digital care transformation, Patient management and healthcare data analytics. Shelves Tech delivers healthcare innovation by tapping into our own expertise and resources while leveraging industry partnerships to bring together all the pieces of the healthcare ecosystem. Through, our digital-generation services delivery model, we provide intelligent automation at scale to accelerate innovation and transformation.

Shelves Tech help organizations create a digital core infrastructure to connect disparate data sources in a controlled and secure way. Our HIMS, a digital health and analytics platform that delivers the speed, scale, flexibility and continuous innovation needed to gain value from healthcare data including internet of (medical) things data and other social determinants. We help healthcare service providers transform their information fabric and clinical system infrastructures into adaptive, open and secure platforms that drive operational and workforce efficiencies, clinical effectiveness and favorable outcomes for patients.

Shelves Tech is committed in helping organizations gain benefits from electronic health records using our digitization services, and from other patient-centric data sources and healthcare data analytics. We help companies digitize their documents and services, so they can unlock the treasure chest of real- world data to take advantage of the core infrastructure that is built. Our services help organizations optimize the process flow and achieve contextual insight to drive true digital transformation. Some of the highlights of our offering are:

  • Safe archive
  • The most important information is isolated from the document in the form of a Patient Record
  • Test results and selected documents made available through the Patient Portal
  • Export of documentation via XML and PDF formats
  • Support for HL7 CDA and XDS.b standards
  • Possibility of integrating many source systems provided by various manufacturers
  • Versioning and comparing the contents of medical documents
  • Use of electronic signatures, assurance of cryptographic cards
  • Possibility of scanning paper documents, presenting test results in a user-friendly manner