Shelves Tech(e-DMS)

Shelves Tech Private Limited Electronic Document Management System (e-DMS) is built using modern, open architectures. This makes our solutions flexible and adaptable to suit most business requirements and infrastructure. Our web-based user interface is modern and easy to use, reducing the learning curve for your non-technical team members. It is also available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android users, enabling access when you are on the move. Once implemented, we take care of on-going maintenance, making it easier for you to focus on running your business. E-DMS preserves and enables easy and open access to all types of digital content including text, images, moving images, mpegs and data sets. And with an ever-growing community of developers, committed to continuously expanding and improving the software, each E-DMS installation benefits from the next.

Our E-DMS comes with host features:-

Application Architecture

E-DMS is a full stack web application, consisting of a database, storage manager and front end web interface. The architecture includes a specific data model with configurable metadata schemas, workflows and browse/search functionality.

Built-in workflows

Originally designed for libraries, the embedded E-DMS data model and approval workflows are familiar to librarians and archivists.


E-DMS allows you to control read/write permissions site-wide, per community, per collection, per item and per file. You may also delegate administrative permissions per community or per collection.

Built-in search engine

E-DMS comes packaged with Apache Solr, an open source enterprise search platform that enables filtered (faceted) searching and browsing of all objects. The full text of common file formats is searchable, along with all metadata fields. Browse by interfaces are also configurable.

Unlimited File types

E-DMS can store any type of file. In addition, it auto-recognizes files of most common formats (e.g., DOC, PDF, XLS, PPT, JPEG, MPEG, TIFF).


By default, E-DMS uses a Qualified Dublin Core (QDC) based metadata schema. Institutions/Organizations can extend that base schema or add custom QDC-like schemas. E-DMS can import or export metadata from other major metadata schemas such as MARC or MODS.


E-DMS provides its own built-in authentication / authorization system, but can also integrate with existing authentication systems such as LDAP or Shibboleth.

Disaster Recovery

E-DMS allows you to export all of your system content as AIP (Archival Information Packages) backup files. These AIPs can be used to restore your entire site, or restore individual communities, collections or items.

Configurable Database

Organizations can choose either PostgreSQL or Oracle for the database in which D-Space manages items and metadata.

Configurable File Storage

Files in D-Space can be stored either using a local file system (default) or a cloud-based solution, such as Amazon S3.

Data Integrity

On upload, E-DMS calculates and stores a checksum for each file. Optionally, you may ask E-DMS to verify those checksums to validate file integrity.


Business Process Services & Management

  • Business Process Services
  • Information and communication technoliges projects
  • Insurance Buisness operations
  • Cloud Storage solutions
  • Banking & NBFC business operations
  • Healthcare records Management solutions

Document Scanning, Document Capture & Management

  • Document imaging, A4/A3/A2/A0 Black & White / Color
  • Data Capturing
  • Image Cleaning & Enhancement
  • Document Management Systems
  • Workflow Management systems
  • Electronic Storage

System Integration

  • Offering and implementation of complete or partial system integration services to streamline business processes
  • Web based Data management services to the client
  • Cloud based storage hence pay as per usage

Secure Data Destruction

  • Digital data destruction
  • Disposal of Retired IT assets : servers, PC’s, laptops, DLT’s, LTO’s, CD’s, DVD’s, flash memories and smart phones

Physical Record Management

  • We offer wide range of solutions tailored to your needs. Our capabilities of reducing cost of storage and management of documents to defining policies related to documents, help organizations to focus on their mainstream business rather getting into hassles of identifying the information from records. We pack your records, our specialized team organize a pick up and transport them to our secure facility. When you need them back, we do the retrieval for you.
  • Box / Files Retrieval Services: Next day delivery Express delivery Scan on-demand services
  • Record Safety Intrusion detection and alarm systems Physical access controls Fire detection and suppression systems CCTV monitored facility Pest Controlled Facility